SPECTRUM — New digital show curated by Evan Trine

We are pleased to present you a new digital exhibition curated by Evan Trin in partnership with ABSTRACT MAG and Roman Sviridov Gallery! This group show called “SPECTRUM” includes works by such artists: Aaron Scheer, Liza Giles, Gene A’Hern, David Iain Brown, Taylor O. Thomas and of course Evan Trine.
As a result, we have this amazing combination of such different but wonderful works that look so great at the recently launched Roman Sviridov Gallery!


Roman Sviridov: Evan, please tell us more about this show, about your ideas and the artists that are presented at this exhibition.

Evan Trine: This show is about color. This show is about abstraction. This show is about shapes and marks and composition and gestures and movement. But mostly, this show is about the power of images. This show doesn’t exist, it was entirely rendered together in Photoshop. So is it real? Or maybe… does it even matter?

This is now the 8th digital group exhibition I’ve organized since May, and this one is particularly special because it showcases one of the best elements of these shows: that artists from all over the world can show together during a pandemic. This show includes artists from Los Angeles, Glasgow, Berlin, London, Florida, and Australia, all coming together in a gallery in Italy. This is the beauty of the art world digital-connectedness. I’ve never met any of these artists in person, and I’ve never even been to the Roman Sviridov Gallery in Milan. Yet we are all able to connect with each other, showcase our art, and let the works communicate with each other in a new space, all with just a few hours of Photoshop work and zero shipping costs. Beautiful!

This exhibition focuses on all different types of abstraction, similar to my last show that I organized with Abstract Mag. Gene A’Hern and Taylor O. Thomas make large paintings that emphasize color through powerful, gestural mark making, while Liza Giles and David Iain Brown put a heavier focus on shapes when they organize the compositions on their canvases. And myself and Aaron scheer focus on a combination of analog and digital photographic and printing processes to create new perspectives on a traditional medium. Collectively, it’s a group of strong, color-based abstraction, in a variety of styles and mediums. Enjoy.

Aaron Scheer, Liza Giles, Evan Trine

Evan Trine, Gene A’Hern

David Iain Brown, Taylor O. Thomas
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