Title: City Flowers Dark Blue (2021)

Size: 47.24 × 39.37 in; 120 × 100 cm

Medium: Acrylic on linen

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Nuria Maria – born 1990, Limburg, NL

Growing up in an artist family, ( Nuria being 5th generation in the arts), art was always around. Everywhere; either physically in and outside the house, or in the conversations, preferably late in the evening in her parents ateliers. During summer holidays in Italy a little cooling down from the 48 degrees was more likely to be found in the old churches and museums than in the swimming pool. It fed a deep interest in art. It permeated the lives of her sister and her from a young age on.
After finishing high school Nuria went to the University of Amsterdam to study Cultural Knowledge. It lasted only 1 month. After another attempt of studying, this time Psychology at the University of Tilburg, she decided it didn’t work out. To freshen the mind she went to Florence, Italy to follow a two month language course. Being in Italy, surrounded again by an incredible amount of paintings, churches, frescoes, statues, and feeling as a fish in the water, she decided to study what she loves most in life: art. In 2012 she started at the art academy in Maastricht. Coming they’re initially to paint, painting didn’t work out for her at the academy. More and more she got in to video art. Using her own music combined with atmospheric video images she found a new way to express herself. The weather frequently being a welcome visitor as an inspiration as well as the subject itself for her videos, she graduated in 2015 with a video installation of a love story between the summer and the autumn. Two months later she was painting again. At first the paintings were figurative- movie scene like scenarios. Then slowly the subjects became more and more abstract. The weather still being a significant subject for her paintings – she tries to capture the atmosphere of a certain moment, a day in the season, a memory, a certain type of light. The colors carry the atmosphere, the interaction between the subjects create the situation. They attract or push, float, fall, or are being blown out of the painting; reflecting the laws of nature, as well as painting from a more personal point of view; the interaction between people, or the state of mind you are in yourself.
Now Nuria is living in both Rotterdam and on the countryside near Maastricht; this is where she comes from and is to be found more and more nowadays. Living on the countryside gives her good energy. Besides, having the late night atelier talks is something she wouldn’t want to miss for a thing. This place is where you can smell the season, hear the leaves blowing in the wind, here’s a certain type of light.


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