«No Panic Baby» by Leo Gabin

VNH Gallery presented the screening of Leo Gabin’s new film titled ”No Panic Baby” along with a presentation of recent works. Leo Gabin is a collective created in 2000 from the association of three artist – Lieven Deconinck, Gaëtan Begerem, and Robin De Vooght – all graduates of the Royal Academy of Fine arts of Ghent in Belgium where they currently live and work. Fascinated by American culture – Hip-Hop, Hollywood – the arrival of the Internet in the 2000s has been a turning point for them. It offered the possibility to discover the everyday life of thousands of Americans posting the most absurd videos. For the exhibition at VNH Gallery in February 2017, Leo Gabin presented a selection of paintings showing patterns taken from the film

”No Panic Baby” that they where still producing at the time. The fact that they have filmed their own footage is a first, as they used to work from videos found on the Internet. This film, therefore, stands as a significant evolution in their artistic practice and it still finds its focus in the fashion trends spread all over Youtube. ”No Panic Baby” retraces the story of a young woman who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, as she acknowledges her loneliness despite her acute presence on social networks. Filmed somewhere between Atlantic City and El Paso, the film is about failed teenage love stories with all their break up rituals.

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