«Michael Wall’s new works made of plastic»

Artist Run is pleased to present the first exhibition of sculptural works by co-founder Michael Wall.

Central to the show is the relationship between contemporary society and its principal ubiquitous creation. ‘Plastic’ is the first showcase of works presented by Wall that introduces the use of plastic bags as a material. With the technical assistance of Sean Ross the Sustainable Designer behind the Polyhide Backpack, a series of three tapestries have been created comprised solely of the material.

Turning more inwardly on the world of art and the role it invariably takes in the hierarchy of materials, Wall explores the demonisation of plastic through its most disposable form. Annually we make 272 billion kilograms of plastic with the shelf life of 500–1000 years, the success of the material is the reason for its vilifying in society. The work’s subtle shift in perspective give us an opportunity to peak behind the curtain of this current social conformity, reviewing our inherent ability to push blame onto technology for the biggest issues we collectively face.’







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