«I want to paint, I have a lot of ideas and I want to work, for me paint is a really great part of my life.»

Marco Pariani

Milan, Italy.


Tell us your story. What resulting you in art world?

I remember that drawing gave me wonderful sensation when I was child, I copied the drawings in the comic books with my pencil, and when some “marks” were pretty good, I was so happy. When I was even younger, my grandfather often bought me some markers and the classing color books, I think he knew I was very fond of them.
I spent a lot of time in his basement where there was a table and a tv set; he watched tv, particularly boxing and soccer, and while he was smoking his countless cigarettes, I used to draw.

At the high school I had chosen architecture & amp; design and, when I was attending my fourth year, I understood that drawing sketches was far more interesting than finishing the work. From that very moment I began to use colors in a creative way, as malleable matter. After the high school I went to Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milano and I had chosen the painting course, was 2006, I made four years in the Academy for made only painting and drawing, all the rest of course were not important for me… I understood that large scale paintings were very important for my path and also a great part of a contemporary art piece, all the rest are spent a lot of years in studio with a lot of canvases and colors for develop my ideas and research; tons of canvases in the garbage, others still safe.

When we saw your works for the first time, there was a feeling: “this artist was a graffiti-writer!”. Is this a mistaken opinion?

Yes, is a mistake, when I was really young I made something on the wall only for do something of cool during the night but nothing of important I’m not a graffiti writer. I really love spray paint I think that is really hard to use them and was a kind of challenge for me to learn from single caps and different brands. On canvas, spray paints are really important for me because I love the contrast with the acrylic colors.

Tell us about your style. Are you considering the concept of the painting before its creation or is it improvisation?

My style is a result of many years of work (like all the artists, nothing of new, I know) and I love to use contrasts between materials, like spray paint and acrylic, and colors, like green and pink, pink and grey and other colors that I love in particular inside my palette. I start from a raw canvas and I prepare it from myself with acrylic and gesso, after this I start with colors, I have sometimes and idea in mind that I mostly use for the title but paint is in general improvisation, based from the idea but for example the use of colors is improvisation to create my “subjects” cause my works are not totally abstract, I represent something inside, for example pink is for legs, arms and parts of body..colored stripes are some clothes…

Could you list the top-3 artists who make a great impression on you and continue to inspire?

I haven’t a top three artist’s list cause I love all the painters who have painted, who have played with painting, but I want to mention Sterling Ruby cause in my opinion is the best contemporary artist in the world right now, cause he’s brilliant and he is absolutely powerful in all the media that he use, and this is hard to, absolutely great artist.

Tell us about your studio. What is this place and how do you spend your day there? Maybe some special aspects.

At the moment my studio is in Italy, near Milan (30 min by car) and it’s an industrial space around 2,400 sqft with high ceilings, is a really good space that I desired from many years. In my studio I spent every day 6/7/8 hours, I love to work in this period I want to paint, I have a lot of ideas and I want to work, for me paint is a really great part of my life. Inside my studio I spent also a lot of hours on my chair to see my works, install them in different way, change them from a corner to another and learn how many parts I want to safe and how many didn’t work for me…
I go there in the morning and I came back home in the evening.

Share with us the time and place where your next exhibition will be held? which works will be shown?

I’m really excited to share with you that my upcoming solo show will be in Geneva (CH), at Ribordy Gallery on 13 th September, really close, the title will be “Vegan Racism” and will be in show 10 works, four large scale and six medium and small paintings, all the works represent some situations about vegan people that have a lot of contradictions inside their life.

What are the plans for the remainder of this year?

I have a lot of projects, current a collective show at Deli Grocery gallery in Brooklyn, and upcoming, the publication of my monography edited by ORNOT magazine in Milan, my solo show “vegan racism” at Ribordy Gallery in Geneva (CH), in November I’ll have a double solo at the Safe Gallery in Brooklyn (NY), January a collective show at PT2 gallery in Oakland (CA). I have also in program to move to Brooklyn very soon.

Your thoughts that you would like to share with our readers.

There’s Matteo Salvini Minister of the interior here in Italy, every day I think that is not possible, I want to go to live on the moon.

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  1. I like so much your paintings and I cry everyday thinking that I NEVER WILL BE TRUELLY RECOGNIZED as you and other PAINTERS. I work a lot.I don’t know to live without painting. My CURRICULUM IS GOOD BUT I AM 70 years old and I´m portuguese. Some of my sites are: //conceicao-rhodes-painter.webnode.pt and cms.conceicaorhodes-gmail-com.webnode.pt
    Please let me know what I have to do to be on Abstract.mag. on instagram?
    Best Regards and congratulation for your GOOD works.

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