Euphoric reeling and productive struggle. Between construction and de-construction, spontaneous gestures and craftsmanship, abstraction and figurative forms. The KLUB7 — IN PROGRESS exhibition focuses on these contrasts and the conflict-rich works of the KLUB7 artists collective.

Above all, the six members of the collective base their art on a process of negotiation that takes place within the image itself. This „work in becoming“ is centred around breakthroughs, superimpositions, the mixing and confusing of habits, all in a complicated polyphony renegotiating the existence and co-existence of the works.

The expansive working method of the collective is characterized by the use of surfaces and structures, the intense use of colour and a flood of differing forms. Tiny details breakthrough behind layers of paint. All of them rely on the specific use of brushes, rolls, spray cans, and airbrushes, all of which demonstrate the artists‘ background in urban and graffiti art.

In the main hall of ZWEI DREI RAUM are large-scale paintings created on-site, as well as other installations made from samples and found items.

KLUB7 places less emphasis on preparatory planning work, concentrating rather on a direct examination of the artists and their role in the space. The works do not arise in one mind but instead are realized through the constant exchange and recognition of the other.

The group hopes to show a sincere reflection of their own artistic process. With that, they hope to share an unmistakable idea of collective art, an expression of the 20-year history of KLUB7.

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