«When I am working on my paintings, I don’t think about making Art. At best I don’t think at all, but only make decisions on the canvas — that’s fun, because in my day-life outside the studio I don’t like decisions at all.»

Jenny Brosinski

Berlin, Germany.


We would like to know about you more. Where did your journey to art begin?

I was born in Celle in the north of Germany and I grew up in the little light blue house of my grandparents in a small village in the countryside. My journey to art began in that small blue house when I was a child. I first started to draw animals – later some kind of stories – but I realized fast that I was more obsessed with single drawings, as a sequence, that gave me more just a kind of feeling for the stories or dreams I like to follow in my mind. (As a kind of present memory maybe.) Later, at about 12 years old, I started to paint more.My family is very practical (it´s a craftsman-family)… but less artistic. And I guess I was 5 years old or so when I had the idea that drawing could become my profession when I´ll grow up. And it was eventually the same evening when I was telling my grandpa this idea while we were watching the news on TV – we were watching the weather report and he said, that he knew times where people have drawn the weather – but these days are gone. I was disappointed – but a few seconds later I saw my first Twombly and Picasso – at an art auction report. Since then it began to work for itself in a way. I loved going to museums, more than going to school. Almost daydreaming I was a terrible student in elementary and high school – and I started studying Art.

Tell us about your style. What thoughts or ideas do you put in your works?

Generally I would like to describe my style as a fleeting encounter with what if –technically it´s definetly process orientated, – maybe it´s a kind of neo-expressionist-minimalism ;)?! But I do not like thinking in categories that much. Hm yeah, when you ask me this way, I have to say that I am obsessed with brightness in a way, as well as spontaneous mark making. I like it real and authentic – even if I think for many hours, just sitting there staring on my paintings. I do several paintings same time. And I don´t like to overthink, or working too calculated. My paintings should look sloppy or easy – even when I was fighting with them. At it´s best a painting compares humor and seriousness same time. I like to fail sometimes, to surprise myself in a way. When I am working on my paintings, I don´t think about making Art. At best I don´t think at all, but only make decisions on the canvas – that´s fun, because in my day-life outside the studio I don´t like decisions at all. Other way around I get crazy when I can´t go to my studio for more than a few days – I can feel there is an relationship.

Which artists influenced your art or inspire you?

Dead or alive?! As I usually said, from my earliest childhood I was inspired by artists like Cy Twombly, Jean Michel Basquiat and Robert Rauschenberg, as a Teenager I discovered Michel Majerus, Sergej Jensen, Albert Oehlen, Martin Kippenberger, Michael Krebber and Helen Frankenthaler for me – and now – I would say I am more or less inspired by anything that surrounds me, and –as my daily-life is filled with Art – I like to discover contemporary artists and like to follow their development.

Tell us about your studio. What kind of place and how long have you been working there?

My studio is a nice, bright place on the 3rd floor of an old factory in Berlin-Wedding. There are many other artists, musicians and workshops on the site – but many people do completely different things here too. For example, there is a mosque and a giant Asian supermarket. Now it’s been five years working there – and even if it’s getting too small, I’m totally in love with my studio because of its great atmosphere.

Describe your normal working day in the studio. Where does the work begin, maybe special aspects or habits?

After breakfast I cycle to my studio. It is about twenty minutes from my apartment and leads directly from Bullerby to the Bronx. At least that’s how I call the difference between the parts of my Berlin that I connect every day in my life. One of my habits is thinking about the work of the previous day while I am cycling and listening to music. That´s the point where often the working title of a painting turns to it´s title. During the painting process, I almost never listen to music. That distracts me too much. While I am painting I listen to interviews or documentaries or anything where there’s dialogue – depends on my mood – some of my paintings have already been created on the way of the orcs from Mordor to Middle-earth. I work from half past eight in the morning to half past four in the afternoon in my studio.Mornings are my most productive time. I only love natural daylight for my work, therefore the winters are sometimes exhausting for me. After my afternoon break – where I spend time with my family – I turn to my evening working part which is filled by office stuff or I start looking on my macbook what I was working on the previous morning with fresh eyes.

Could tell a little about your group exhibition “MAKE YOUR MARK” and share with us your impressions about working together with Antwan Horfee, Stevie Dix, Tom Volkaert.

First I got an email by Jason Poirier dit Caulier from Plus One gallery in Antwerp – he asked me some things about my style and my habits and in the end he showed me the idea of this group show and he visited me together with his assistant Antonius Theelen in my Berlin studio – where he selected the paintings for the show same time. At this point I knew who will be in the show, – and I was honored to be part of it because I really like the works of Stevie, Antwan and Tom – even if we never met in person at this point.To meet them a few weeks later at the opening was super nice – and even if it sounds boring I need to say they are great artists and lovely people. The show looks great too – and we four fit perfect together – especially the combination of Tom´s ceramics and my paintings was impressive for me.

Thoughts that you would like to share with followers.

Eat more porridge! My intuitive thoughts meanwhile I am sitting in the train eating junk on my way to my solo show YOU MADE ME at Nevven Gallery in Gothenburg. And of course thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and your readers.

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