Incunable Book by Lucas Dupuy

This book came about because I felt that I was reaching a finishing point for a body of work that I had been working on for around a year. All these images I have collated over that year I decided to compose into a book format, alongside my show at union gallery.

The work all referenced dyslexia and how it has affected me, I found that making a book with just pictures is something that really interests me because I always enjoyed reading that kind of books other than the books with words in.

‘When learning to read, Dupuy found that the shape of words were often blurred and would jump across the page. Dupuy mirrors this in this painting through loose abstract sprayed backgrounds on his works creating a blurred tension from the hard-edged shapes. Dupuy composes these unreadable shapes by repeating, copying, highlighting, while constructing the perception of textual shape and form. The grey palette of the presented works stems from Dupuy being given sheets of grey acetate when learning to read.

Incunable, originates from the Latin word ‘incunabula’ which refers to a book printed before 1501. These books are often unreadable to the common person today. The titles of the show also refers to the Autechre’s album incunabula. Music has had a major inpact on Dupuy’s work. Throughout his daily routine, both in and out of the studio, Dupuy absorbs himself in electronica. It is Autechre’s album which has influenced his work most over the years, not just its sound but also the art work displayed on the album. 

Through Dupuy’s life experience of dyslexia and the methods used to battle it, he has delivered an abstract world of the written word. ‘

text by William Gustaffson

Cloth Bound
Debossed cover (with foil spine)
76 pages
Printed 1/1 on 140gsm Cyclus Offset
Run of 200


You can order the book here.

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  1. Je trouve ce travail très poétique et élégant. La forme du livre est appropriée. J’apprécie la balade en images. Qualitatif.

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