«I Will Find You» — Maja Djordjevic

Dio Horia presents “I Will Find You”, an exhibition of works by Maja Djordjevic at the gallery’s Mykonian location from July 6 through August 1st. I Will Find You is Djordjevic’s second solo exhibition at Dio Horia. The gallery will host an opening reception on Friday, July 6th from 20:00-2:00 in the presence of the artist.

Maja Djordjevic creates multi-disciplinary works that look like computer doodles. In reality they are traditional oil and enamel artworks performing some pixelated illusions. Djordjevic paints rectilinear shapes by hand, sketched out in an early kind of MacPaint program, where squares of color are so large as to prevent too much detail.

Her subject matter is usually a girl, most of the time that girl being herself, portrayed in various tragical and yet comical situations. The girl is often depicted naked exposing with a black vertical line a little scratch of her vagina and touching art history with feminine power and with the male and the female gaze. Her main color pallet enhances the playfulness of her works with various pinks and blues coloring her protagonists no matter where they nd themselves at.

I Will Find You consists of 5 new paintings and one plastic sculpture (that is actually made out of two separate sculptures joint together like in an origami). The subject matter of the exhibition touches on issues of mindfulness or better, the lack of mindfulness where humans always search for the utopian, perfect moment instead of living their lives and accepting that it is perfect as it is. Through the depiction of the girl on semi-violent, semi- comical situations (in one of the paintings the pixelated girl appears super t with her muscles having a tank and a rose tattooed in them and at the same time hiding behind a plant), the artist comments on her own micro-cosmos and from there, on the crazy world we live in and on how we actually need to have a laugh or two to get by.

Maja Djordjevic (b. 1990, Belgrade, Serbia) lives and works in Belgrade. She has completed her Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Only in the last year Djordjevic participated at the 57th October Art Salon, Belgrade, at Be yoursel e group exhibition curated by Peter Brence, had a solo show at the Hole Gallery in New York and received a feature at Juxtapoz magazine among others. Djordjevic has received two awards for Painting the former being the Ristai Beta Vukanović prize and the latter from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

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