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A new format of the exhibition formato14 aims to provide emerging artists with visibility, bringing them closer to young gallerists, collectors and curators. The pieces are exhibited in contemporary crowd-free spaces, creating an attractive and accessible conduit to the works of art.

We open private houses to the public: art is hanged in the living room, kitchen and even the bathrooms. The new takes over the known and the ordinary adding a new story layer. A domestic environment allows art, artist and art viewer to establish a relaxed dialogue where space is intimate and full of familiar references.

Formato14’s mission is directly linked to today’s social media platforms such as Instagram where duality between real and digital and images become consumable only in a visual way. We want to make artwork accessible and attainable in the real world. We’d like to act both as a visual link and as a bridge, and let the artists be bait and prey at the same time.

Formato14 would like to act as a new platform where emergent art is presented in a more relaxed and approachable way making artwork more tangible to the viewer.

Juan Moreno López-Calull, only 26 years old, recently returned from Paris to settle back in his hometown Barcelona with the aim of combining his two passions: art and interior design. He’s been working in Christie’s in NY and Eric Dupont gallery in Paris.

Javier Bone-Carbone has been in the art publishing world for over 10 years, first working for Visionarie (NYC) and now at TASCHEN.

Together they realized they share the same aesthetic vision and founded formato14— the perfect excuse to enjoy two of their greatest pleasures: travelling the world for new spaces and abstract painting.

We asked several questions to the curators of this project.

What were your impressions after the completion of this event? What reviews are most memorable?

We are really happy with the results. It’s such a great way to share the art of emerging artists and help them to achieve visibility. Also, we were impressed by the number of guests, the relations that got made during the exhibition and the opportunity for the artist to meet people in the art world. There was a really comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable vibe…

Do you still have any of Clément’s paintings? What can you say in general about his work?

Very few were left just 2 or 3. In anywise we don`t stock works from the artists. What is not sold on the night of the event or the day after (by appointment) is returned to the artist.

What are your project plans? Which artist will be next?

We aim to do editions every 6 months in different cities. We have been offered several fantastic locations and contacted by a lot of artists to be featured. Now its all about deciding what’s the perfect match.

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