#1026 — Christian August & Jorinde Fischer: Galerie Alber

Anyone entering the current exhibition #1026 at GALERIE ALBER cannot escape the color intensity of the works of Christian August and Jorinde Fischer without being influenced by their effect.
A painter who originally came from the graffiti scene of the 90s and a conceptually oriented artist have their first artistic colloquy.
Both have a common use of color, but the way they create their works is fundamentally different. Fischer creates sensitive and at the same time impressive works, which through the choice of color of the elastic materials increase the space unhindered and lead to new spatial experiences. August, on the other hand, creates an unlimited depth within the strong two-dimensional boundaries of his canvases. The wall behind them seems to break through, the insight into the endlessness of the color sphere expands and an additional space is created. Both positions are deliberately merged to enhance the perception of the respective works as well as the gallery space.

Galerie Alber
Am Römerturm 15
50667 Cologne
Photos Courtesy: Mareike Tocha, Courtesy GALERIE ALBER


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