Title: ABSTR10 (2023)
Size: 39.37 x 31.88in; 100 x 81 cm
Medium: Acrylic, pigment


Giordan Rubio (b. 1998, France, lives and works in Nice) practice is to explore the links of influence and temporality on the evolution of dreaming as a function of the Other, institutions and media. What he refers to as the dream is a metaphor representing childhood innocence that embodies idealistic and free-choice perspectives.

In his work, he creates forms that oppose or add to each other with the help of repetitions, color combos or materials with opposing physical properties to highlight the causality of external factors on freedoms. He transcribes his own experience of the social fracture linked to his medical studies, where fulfilment seemed inaccessible. Rubio translates the information absorbed from his daily consumption of conversations, advertising slogans, books, and his own diary into graphic and pictorial compositions. Everything that surrounds him from childhood to the present can be found in his work; the figurative style corresponding to conventional rules and attitudes merges with the more childlike style to the same extent, thus attesting to the power relations that characterize the moment when daydreaming dies out. In addition to the universal typography, Giordan Rubio's own sketches frequently appear in his works, alluding to a sentimental attachment to the artist's notebooks. Moreover, he immortalizes the moment in one's life when the dream gradually fades with time. His work bears witness to a time when humanity is constantly questioning the Self and when the dream is abandoned to fulfil its capitalist duty.