Title: IBM
Size: 80.70 x 98.42 in; 205 x 250 cm
Medium: Mixed media on canvas


Eser Gündüz combines architectural drawings, diagrams, cartography, manuscripts with abstract elements leading to structural investigations of retro-futuristic utopia. The artist presents a figurative composition, allowing himself to express his inner childish energy through simple drawings that go beyond the contours. Gündüz expands the boundaries of paintings and merges gestural, sometimes chaotic, brushstrokes with patchy pictorial and linguistic elements, which are encyclopedic in range and deeply personal. Each work consists of different elements, which can be interpreted individually and collectively since they become a self-sufficient component and a fragment.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Eser Gündüz studied architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. After a couple of years in architecture, he pursued his career in spatial painting. His knowledge of architecture is realized in most of his works, the artist often turns to schematic and planning drawings. Gunduz's artwork is a well-planned structure of symbols, letters, and drawings that speak of both the visible and the less visible, sometimes even hidden. The artist designs and builds a bridge for viewers to the tectonic coexistence of elements.

Gündüz believes that there’s no sharp distinction between design and fine art and proves it through his rigorous discipline in works. Bold color fields and transparent canvases with Victorian frames provide an ephemeral base for artists’ graphic expressions. This plastic imitation of opulence and utopian scientific diagrams become witnesses of major themes of our time. Gündüz artworks take the viewer to a mechanical future, where artificial intelligence is the fundamental part of life.