Title: Would You Meet Me In The Field(2022)
Size: 36 x 48 in; 91.44 x 122 cm
Medium: flashe, acrylic, oil sticks, pastels, latex and spray paint on linen


Expressive marks and saturated color blocks permeate every aspect of Thai Mainhard’s work. The artist creates a challenge for herself, fighting against the white canvas and releasing her feelings through colorful shapes. Mainhard finds a unique way of expressing all the emotions bothering her by working with different materials. Oil paint, oil sticks, charcoal, and spray paint are used to transmit the artist’s visceral imagery message.

Thai Mainhard was born and raised in Brazil, which affects her creative path significantly. Growing up in a picturesque environment, the artist started painting early. When she was ten years old, she started taking a drawing class, and art quickly became an essential part of her life. Mainhard moved to California in 2010, where she spent almost nine years on the North and now experiencing the South. The artist has a strong Italian and Spanish heritage, and her works carry all of her multicultural nature. Thai Mainhard went to college for design in Rio de Janeiro and, after moving to the USA, got a degree in Studio Arts.

In her artistic methods, Thai Mainhard encounters human nature, exploring happiness, frustration, surprise, connection, spirituality, and overall thinking processing. Each of her works is emotional; it is a lush expression of her inner jungle. Mainhard analyzes human senses and tries to relieve unseen tension through intuitive methods, contrast color choices,  catchy brushstrokes, and chaotic markings.

Going through a deep internal process, the artist creates an artwork that represents human nature’s fragility and opposes it to the robustness of emotions and feelings. Despite, the release of a hidden mundanity unique pattern and the raise of the human sincerity question, Thai Mainhard succeeds to maintain an open interpretation of her work.