Title: La tempête (2023)
Size: 78.74 x 74.80 in; 200 x 190 cm
Medium: Acrylic, oil stick on canvas


Kevin Douillez is a 33-year-old self-taught contemporary painter born in Wallonia near Binche and living and working in Brussels.

Interested in the art world since his early childhood, it is only in 2019, at the dawn of his 30 years, that his will to create and express himself through painting questions him, he lives it as a revelation.

Very quickly, he organized the exhibition "Therapy" in Brussels. It is experienced as a real driving force that pushed him to continue and to enrich himself with a new pictorial vocabulary.

Intuitive and impulsive, Kevin Douillez quickly learns new painting techniques. Mixing different styles and ultimately creating the one he perfects through his canvases. He likes to mix different materials and combine them with classical painting techniques. Acrylic, oil, pastels and spray paints will be the tools that will give life to his creations.

Kevin Douillez's painting is part of the violent and spontaneous universe of artists who fascinate him, such as Robert Nava, Yannis Varelas or Mark Rothko to name a few. Fascinated by the genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat, he borrows from him the passion and audacity.