Title: Farbe #3
Size: 60 x 72 in; 152 x 183 cm
Medium: Oil on canvas


Marcel Rozek refines and extends the traditions of layered abstract compositions. Artist finds his own way to the fundamentals, using a staining technique pioneered by the early abstractionists and Washington Color School artists. Marcel Rozek aligns himself with these influential artists, particularly Morris Louis, letting material processes, rather than calculated gestures of the arm and brush, determine the outcome. Going beyond the successes of his predecessors, the artist represents his unique color vision creating a physical phenomenon that goes beyond the picture on which it needs to be applied.

Marcel Rozek provides a unique interpretation to Color Field painting, combining a massive color composition with a modification of the canvas surface. Artist depicts images devoid of beginning and end and can’t be physically measured. He characteristically applies extremely dilute, thin paint to an unstained, unstretched canvas, allowing it to flow down an inclined surface in effects sometimes expressing translucent color. Such color overlaying allows Rozek to reflect himself through each color piece, every layer is a unique message and every viewer finds their own translation, connecting with an artist in a wordless conversation.

Born in Akron, Ohio, Marcel Rozek was passionate about art and in 2017, earned his bachelor's degree in studio art with a minor in drawing and painting from the Myers School of Art in Akron, Ohio. Soon after completing his undergraduate studies, Rozek has exhibited work with collectors from Istanbul, London, and Rome among others. Now the artist is located in Los Angeles, California.