Asymmetrical Symmetry at Sean Kelly Gallery

Sean Kelly presented Asymmetrical Symmetry, an installation of newly created paintings by Landon Metz. For his inaugural exhibition with the gallery, Metz has created a new body of work in direct response to the architecture of the space. Site-responsive rather than site-specific, each canvas functions simultaneously as an independent work and a constituent component of a

«I am one of those people who thinks that anyone can do it, as Jacques Brel said, “Talent does not exist, there are only workers”, personally I work a lot.»

Bertrand Fournier Janville-sur-Juine, France.   Tell us about you. Are there any prerequisites for becoming an artist? I’m 33 years old, I’m born and I work in France. I started painting by chance in 2016 with my daughter, at first it was to decorate my house then I started to post my paintings on instagram


Four young and promising artists, making their mark on the contemporary art scene. At the start of this new art season, PLUS-ONE Gallery brings together Jenny Brosinski, Stevie Dix, Antwan Horfee and Tom Volkaert in a group show that honours their individual practice and their professional respect for each other. What binds them is not

«I’m the eternal optimist. For me, optimism is essential in making art, as I never really feel defeated when something doesn’t work.»

Taylor Anton White Stafford, Virginia, United States.     Could you tell us about yourself? Where did it all begin? I was born in San Diego, California, but grew up in Colorado and North Carolina. I was a terrible student in high school, and eventually joined the Marines. After about 9 years, I then decided that


Interview with Managing Director Anne Vierstraete “I believe that Art Brussels has endured over the years because it has succeeded in staying faithful to its distinctiveness as a discovery fair, reserving a large part of the fair to the most emerging talents (…).” In the year of Art Brussels’ 50th anniversary, the quote by the

ARTIST RESIDENCY | interview with founders

“With space on offer to artists/creatives in London growing in price and exclusivity Artist Run has launched it’s artist residency program, giving an opportunity for artists to create and present their works. With additional support selected artists will be given time to explore their own practise and become involved in the local creative community. The

Interview | Mini Galerie

The interview was produced and originally published on ARTLAND At the age of 21, Julia van der Meer opened the doors to her tidy apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam. Upon the walls in her livingroom, works of art hang side by side, free for the public to explore. This marked the beginning of Mini