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“With space on offer to artists/creatives in London growing in price and exclusivity Artist Run has launched it’s artist residency program, giving an opportunity for artists to create and present their works. With additional support selected artists will be given time to explore their own practise and become involved in the local creative community. The Program is open to submissions from artists working within all areas of the arts but is suited best for submissions from painting, sculpture, performance and textiles. This opportunity is open to practising artists, recent graduates, post graduates and small collectives.”




Tell us about yourself and how you came to the idea of the residency?

Darcy: We’ve been curating shows together for the last few years, Mike is an Artist and i’m a Designer so we both have different skill-sets, interests and education – but it seems to come together each time!

Michael: We were sent the studio/gallery by a friend, after months of looking for a new art studio – and have so many ideas for shows and projects, we put everything we had into getting it. The residency came about when we realised how many other artists were struggling for affordable space in London and wanted to exhibit their work.

What do you see as the main goal or task for this project?

Michael: We’ve experienced the obstacles creatives have first hand. Finding affordable space that gives you the freedom to create is a huge problem – and we want to be part of a solution. We want this project to have a positive impact and create a space where we can enable great work.

Darcy: It already feels like a community of people want to be involved and ultimately it would be great one day when the project expands enough we can bring other artists and designers into the program – it would be great if it could expand beyond London too.

What are you ready to give the selected artist?

Darcy: Mostly space to explore their work, but we want to work with each artist to curate a show. Create some press around them, make some artist short documentaries. The idea is to help talented artists get their name out there and we will help as much as we can with that. We’re in the process of applying for funding which will expand the project massively, it will go straight into the project / help with materials etc…

What are the terms of the project?

Michael: We want the artists to collaborate somehow with the local community with open studios and workshops, other than that we don’t really have any terms, just spreading the word, supporting the shows…

What do artists need to know to participate?

Michael: We ask for a short project proposal and references of most recent work and anything else they want to provide, there is a small fee to cover admin of applications / website / support the space – everything we get goes straight back into the project.

Darcy: It doesn’t have to be someone that necessarily know’s precisely where they’re going with their work, and if they do know that’s great too…


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  1. Hello, I’m a plastic artist from Colombia. my work is pop surrealist. I’m very much interested in the chance of q Residency and interacting with the community. I’ve worked with communities before and have been a teacher,conferencer, etc. I’ve published choldren’s book and work with art narratives as means to facilitate emotional intelligence. I’m also developing a brand to promote my art in collectibles and hope to one day sponsor other artists under the same bramd as well. Thank you.

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