Title: "Love yourself, please"
Size:  47.24 x 40 in; 120 x 99 cm
Medium: canvas, acrylic, spray, pastel.


Moving between domestic settings and mythological scenes, Iryna Maksymova creates her own interpretation of human emotions and raises her personal wave of protest against inequality. Through overt women’s sexuality, the artist opposes humans to animals, identifying them and proposing her new view to such popular nowadays issues of animal rights and sexism.

All of her works are projections of her inner feelings and personal experience expressed with chaotically dynamic compositions, a compound of patterns, and canvas subjects. Using a combination of pastel colors and bold strokes, Iryna makes nature elements look more colorful and lively, creating an even more fantastic reality.

Born in Kolomiya in the west of Ukraine, Iryna was always painting in her spare time throughout her life. She received a degree in Graphic design in Lviv and started to paint full time, implementing her professional knowledge in some of her works. The artist issues a manifesto by combining provocative expressions with font calls to action. Iryna Maksymova creates a statement, every work is her own opportunity not to remain silent.

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